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Iron Bis-Glycinate 20 Liquid

Iron Bis-Glycinate 20 Liquid

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  • Helps to prevent iron deficiency anaemia, form red blood cells and support red blood cell functioning
  • It’s a surprising fact that out of all the nutrients, iron happens to be the one women in North America are most deficient in. 35 to 58 percent of young, healthy females experience some degree of low iron levels and the number goes slightly higher during pregnancy. Fatigue, a weakened immune system and impaired brain activity are all symptoms of iron deficiency. By the time you’re diagnosed with anaemia, your iron levels can be in the danger zone.
  • A low iron count means your body isn’t making enough healthy red blood cells to deliver oxygen from your lungs to your body’s tissues. About 70 percent of the body’s iron is contained in the blood in the form of hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries and delivers oxygen to tissues in the body for survival. Myoglobin, a protein in the heart and skeletal muscles, also requires iron to function efficiently. Iron is needed for several key enzymes to assist in energy production and metabolism, particularly in DNA construction.
  • Taking a daily iron supplement is a quick and easy way to pump the body’s stores, but not all supplements are free from uncomfortable side effects like constipation, diarrhoea, stomach upset and nausea. CanPrev’s Iron Bis-Glycinate 20 liquid contains iron bisglycinate, a chelated iron that is easy to absorb, gentle on the stomach and doesn’t cause gastrointestinal upset like those that contain ferrous sulphate can.
  • This liquid formula contains 20 mg of elemental iron in every tablespoon, and is enhanced with vitamins C, B6, B12 and folate, all cofactors that help in the absorption and assimilation of iron for the production of healthy red blood cells.


  • Iron (Ferrochel™ ferrous bis-glycinate chelate)* 20mg Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) 500mcg Folate (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate) 400mcg Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 20mg Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 100mg Non-medicinal ingredients: Honey, stevia, glycerin, potassium sorbate, citric acid, natural orange flavour, purified water. 1 cuillerée à soupe = 15ml): Fer (chélate de bisglycinate ferreux Ferrochel(mc)* 20mg Vitamine B12 (méthylcobalamine) 500mcg Folate (L-5 méthyltétrahydrofolate) 400mcg Vitamine B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 20mg Vitamine C (acide ascorbique) 100mg Ingrédients non médicinaux: Miel, stevia, glycérine, sorbate de potassium, acide citrique, arôme naturel d'orange, eau purifiée.
  • NMI: Honey, stevia, glycerin, potassium sorbate, citric acid, natural orange flavour, purified water. 

Recommended Dosage

  • Adults: Take one (1) tablespoon per day with food, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products. Refrigerate after opening.