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Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

Health on Main was established in January 2014. As a Stouffville resident for over 10 years it is apparent that our community has a passion for health and wellness. This passion has led to the unique product category offerings available at Health on Main. We carry over 400 different brands. Our products are carefully chosen to support the needs of our community. There are natural supplements to support us during all stages of life whether it’s the need for cardiovascular support, chronic fatigue issues, anxiety/depression, sleep concerns, hormonal imbalances or the need to achieve a competitive edge. Take advantage of what Health on Main has to offer. Below are some of our category offerings.

Digestive Health

80% of our immune cells reside in our digestive tract. For this reason, the importance of a properly functioning digestive system cannot be overstated. With the increasing prevalence of digestive related issues such as IBD, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, H-Pylori, constipation and diarrhea, it  is imperative to give the body what it needs to support optimal health. We offer a wide range of digestive support ranging from probiotics to digestive enzymes to restore gut function, aid in immunity as well as improve absorption.

Chronic Inflammation

Inflammatory conditions are becoming an increasingly prevelant issue in today's population. Many people are being diagnosed with autoimmune conditions of which there is no definitive medical cure. Individualized care through proper therapeutic supplementation and dietary planning can make a dramatic improvement in the lives of individuals who suffer with chronic inflammatory conditions. Even conditions such as joint pain, limited mobility and headaches can be linked to inflammatory processes within the body. By setting goals to reduce inflammation, one can improve many aspects of their health.


In this day in age, our bodies are constantly exposed to toxic compounds. Many of these compounds have the potential of hindering our bodies from functioning properly. Whether we are exposed through food additives, air particles or workplace materials, our body is constantly working on overdrive, to get them out of our system. If these compounds are not eliminated properly, symptoms such as fatigue, skin issues and brain fog can arise. For this reason, having an optimally functioning liver is essential. Health on main is here to inform you on how to detoxify your environment to reduce toxic load on the body. We also have a variety of detox programs and liver support products to keep you feeling your best. 

Women's Health

Women wear many different hats throughout the day. These include being a girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, wife, boss, employee and overall stellar member of society. The sacrifices women make many times leaves them deleted which manifest in symptoms such as adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, constipation, anxiety/depression and weight gain. We know that each woman is beautifully and wonderfully made, as such it is important to support her unique symptoms with the right nutrients to ensure the ability to keep wearing those hats proudly. We offer a wide selection of support for women during all stages of life.

Sports Nutrition

Health on Main has a wide selection of products that can help you get the most out of your work out as well as gain a competitive edge. Regardless of you're specific goals, our selection of sports nutrition products covers your pre, intra and post workout sessions. Everything from pre & postworkouts, BCAAs and protein bars, to sleeping aids, we've got you covered, from start to finish. We can also provide you with the necessary liver and digestive support to ensure optimal absorption of these high quality supplements.

Men's Health

Men are important role models in our society. Some men are recognized as being their son's first superhero or daughter's first boyfriend.  Whether its "one man can make a difference", or "with great power comes great responsibility", it is important that men take the lead in helping their families make better decisions in regards to their health and well-being. Unfortunately many men do not enjoy visiting their doctor on a regular basis and need support to combat general health concerns and challenges specific to men. Avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor by proactively supporting the body through our prostate, heart as well as digestive products. We offer a wide selection of natural supplements without negative side effects to help men thrive during all stages of life.

Kid's Health

Children are sponges. It is important to educate children on the importance of proper nutrition and the role it plays in helping them to perform their very best. As parents, we need to ensure we are nourishing our children with the proper supplements including probiotics, vitamin D, multivitamin and greens that will create a solid foundation for excellence!

Senior's Health

The senior population has it's own unique set of challenges. As our bodies age, we are more likely to experience symptoms and conditions such as infections, cognitive decline and reduction in bone mass. Luckily, with proper nutritional support, the progression of these processes can be reduced or completely avoided altogether, allowing seniors to live a high quality of life, even through the ageing process. Let us help you age gracefully and get the most out of your retirement!

Skin Care

Many people are looking for clean personal care products, free of harmful additives and synthetic fragrances. Women and men have been harnessing the power of botanical compounds for centuries. Whether you have sensitive skin, allergies or eczema, we have gentle hair and skin products that will leave you feeling revitalized, with clean formulations that you can use with a clear concience! 

Pet Health

Many of our customers are referrals from Holistic veterinarians who value the need to provide our pets with natural support that does not harm.  We offer anxiety support, inflammation and digestive support for pets.