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Client Stories

Dawn is very knowledgeable and so helpful with what is specifically needed for each person. I came in to Health on Main on August 2021 for my first consultation. I came in initially because I wanted to lose some weight. I had tried so many other ways and nothing had worked. While I was talking to Dawn, I also mentioned to her how my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few years now. We had just visited a fertility clinic for two months but were about to stop with that. Dawn quickly told me what vitamins my body would need to have in order for conception to occur. I remember she told me “maybe this is all you need”. I took her advice and started taking the supplements she gave me. I also made a few health changes, which were not that hard to do. After a few weeks I started losing weight and people around me started to notice. I felt so much more healthier and I continued taking the supplements. My husband also came in and started taking supplements that he needed. And then, 9 months later, in May 2022 I found out that I was pregnant for the very first time in my life!!!!I am currently 6 months pregnant. Dawn continues to advice me on what to take during my pregnancy and I have had a healthy and beautiful pregnancy so far. I can’t wait to meet my baby in January. I really want to thank Dawn for her expertise. She helped me to make sure my body was healthy before I got pregnant and helped me to reach my pregnancy journey. I would highly recommend Dawn and her team. Thank you so much! -Esther


My sleep quality has improved immensly I get to bed on time and I can actually get real rem sleep quality and awake refresh. My energy level and concentration has improved I would say from a 3 to 8 score. I am more tentative and engaged in what I am doing now. Stress levels I am coping much better, no more stressed out feeling and panic or anxiety. My diet is now based on wild caught salmon and natural grown vegetables together with the herb seasoning I got from you is very pleasing to eat. I have observed though on two occasion coffee makes me very angry inside and so does chicken when I consume it, so now I stay clear of it these days. My skin is totally different almost all my blemishes are gone and pimples have not broken out thus far. I have dropped from 186 lbs to 172lbs which I am very happy about. I also attend gym everyday and do weight training regularly. Overall I am very pleased and happy once again but still alot to do and keep with this new way lifestyle. Also my libido is almost like I'm a teenager again.


I have had Celiac disease for almost ten years.  I have struggled with stomach issues, migraines, weight fluctuation, sleepless nights and general aches and pains.  About two years ago, I started having severe Achilles pain and no treatments seemed to work.  I just learned to cope with the discomfort and constant pain.  My symptoms were puzzling to all of the health care professionals who treated me.  Recently, I was sent to see a rheumatologist.  Needless to say, I was concerned that I would be put on medication and my life would drastically change.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!  I made an appointment to see Dawn and after my first visit I felt so encouraged!  She had answers for me!  Dawn addressed the issues that were at the root of my health concerns.  She set me up on a program that was made for me.  After only a few weeks, my headaches have decreased, the Achilles pain and swelling has disappeared, and my energy has increased! I am so thankful to have had Dawn guide me on this journey and am looking forward to a healthy future and a healthy me!


There comes a time in your life when you can only do what you can do on your own. You hit a plateau and you become very frustrated cause you know with all you are doing you should see results.

Exercising 3-4 times a week, taking vitamins and supplements but taking them whenever I felt like throughout and not really understanding what there for but I should take them. This was me. I have know Dawn for sometime and thought it’s time for a consultation sit down and get to business.

It’s been 5 weeks and with everything she has implemented into my diet and lifestyle changes I have never felt so amazing. Hard work but worth it. It really is the food you eat ....

She has been with me every step of the way to answer any questions I have throughout the day. From can I eat this and her response “NO” to the encouraging messages to tell me how proud she is of my dedication.

She is my friend and my mentor through this journey and so thankful I took the step to get to business!!

Thank you Dawn xo


Always helpful with my needs... Dawn and her staff are very knowledgeable with my issues so far I have been back for my supplements on a regular basis for I am feeling so much better ... Highly recommended to those who are in question with health and nutrition needs!... Thank u Dawn and staff!


I started seeing Dawn as I was in desperate need of help. I have a hormone disorder called PCOS. The symptoms include: Weight gain, acne, anxiety, depression, irregular periods, painful and heavy periods, cysts on the ovaries, infertility, facial hair growth and many more horrible symptoms.

I was at an all time low. I had seen several doctors, specialists and other naturopaths in the past with no results. I was put on various different medications that only made me feel worse and caused more unwanted symptoms.

Within 2 weeks of following Dawn’s treatment plan I started to lose weight and have more energy. I began to feel as if there was hope and that I could take control of my life again. I have lost a total of 30 lbs, have clear skin, more energy and concentration and feel like a new person.

I highly recommend Dawn to anyone and everyone I can. Not only is she highly knowledgeable, she is also a very genuine and caring individual. I feel very blessed to have met her and I am now living the life I thought I couldn’t have.


Dawn Forsyth is a rare find. Of all the naturopathic doctors and alternative health practitioners I've seen over the years, Dawn is the only one who was ever able to truly help me. She took a very different approach from all the others and got to the root cause of my health problems. For the first time in 10 years I no longer suffer from insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and have lost 26lbs in just 12 weeks! Diabetes is no longer something in my near future. I haven't felt this good in more than a decade!
She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and ask questions. She wants to fully understand what's going on in your life and the reasons for your health issues. She is approachable and friendly but will also be honest and upfront about the steps that need to be taken to achieve results. I made the decision to go into my appointment with and open mind and to trust her to create a complete lifestyle plan for me. I'm so happy I did. She has literally changed my life. 
Thank you so much Dawn


Prior to meeting Dawn, I was feeling nauseous and my stomach hurt all the time. With her diet plan and the appropriate supplements, I now can enjoy food, feel amazing and have lost 15lbs.

My husband who is a landscaper has been getting joint pain supplements for years. It has definitely helped his mobility.

I also get holisitic meds for my 15.5 year old Aussie cross. Dogs can't lie that the medication works. He is still pulling me down the street.


We are so fortunate to have such an amazing store and resource in town.


I went in for a few supportive supplements but after speaking with Dawn, left with a plan. Her knowledge and expertise is top notch. Thank you Dawn!


Health on Main is one of very few businesses in town that far exceeds professionalism while adding that personal touch of establishing meaningful connections with their customers. Dawn, her husband and the rest of the staff are so welcoming, you will feel as if you've known them for years. They have everything you need to fill any aspect of your nutrition and supplementation needs without the pushy sales tactics of a GNC or Popeye's.

The store is always clean and pristine and not to mention always well stocked. If they don't have what you're looking for, they will surely order it in for you. My wife and I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dawn and her staff. And with my wife being a top tier fitness professional of nearly 15 years, she accepts nothing short of the best. Health on Main is as close to a perfect experience as you can get from a local business. The larger chains can learn a lot from them.

Nobody does it better!


Dawn and her staff have changed my life. They helped my husband with his stomach issues and made sure my son was taking the correct and best probiotics for his age. I have been sick for the past 6 years and during that time Health on Main has been our staple store for our health and well being. Dawn and her staff have helped me boost my immune system and repair my digestive system and are always there to answer any question I have and to always support me in my life journey. My health is getting better and I thank Health on Main for all the knowledge and help and support and the hugs and warm welcoming smiles every time I walk in. Thank you for being such an important part of our lives.