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Back to Basics Oats

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  • Organic, quick cook rolled oats

Back to Basics Oats

  • Organic, quick cook rolled oats. Nothing added nor taken away.
  • Made from the finest organically grown oats in Canada.
  • No sugar or salt added. quick and easy to prepare. 
  • A creamy consistency and tasty. 
  • Manufactured in a peanut free and kosher approved facility. 
  • Available in 1 kg pouch.  


  • Natural, only oats as the ingredients. 

 Recommended use

  • Cooks on stove tops and in the microwave within 1-2 minutes.   
  • Use it as breakfast or as a snack.  Add fruits, flax seeds, or Gold Top Organics Berry Blend. 
  • Add a small dub of Gold Top Organics coconut oil to give additional flavour (and for added health benefits). 
  • Use it in your baked goods such as cookies or apple crisp.