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The Beneficial Uses of Probiotics

It’s widely known that probiotics are necessary especially when we are on antibiotics, but there are many more reasons why probiotics are beneficial to our overall health. The following is a list of 7 reasons why probiotics should be a part of our regiment.


1. Encourages Absorption Probiotics helps us to improve our body’s ability to absorb calcium and B vitamins. This is especially helpful for those of us who are low in calcium and experience fatigue and lack of energy on an ongoing basis. Taking a probiotic has been shown to help our bodies synthesize vitamins and minerals in the foods we eat thereby increasing our absorption.

2. Improves Digestion If you suffer with lactose intolerance or have difficulty digesting dairy products a probiotic with the L- acidophilus strain will alleviate the digestive disturbances that come with ingesting dairy.

3. Infection Control Probiotics guard the body from foreign invaders. It acts as a safeguard against infections. They are also linked to decreasing the occurrence of yeast infections and urinary tract infections. It also helps to defend against acne and E. Coli contamination.

4. Strengthens Immunity Probiotic supplements will help to increase and maintain a healthy intestinal flora in your digestive tract. A healthy digestive tract leads to a stronger immune system due to the increased production of our immune system responders known as lymphocytes.

5. Better bowel movements If you suffer with straining during bowel movements, irregularity, or not feeling completely emptied after a bowel movement probiotics can help. The healthy bacteria of probiotics can help to prevent stool from being too hard or difficult and/or too loose. They will also protect the body from travel bugs, such as traveler’s diarrhea and other menacing travel bugs.

6. Reduction of Allergies and Eczema Probiotics have been shown to reduce the body’s allergic response. Taking probiotics during pregnancy decreases the likelihood of infant allergies, asthma, inflammation, and childhood eczema.

7. Optimizes detoxification Probiotics help the body to detox naturally. Probiotics have been linked to fewer instances of peptic ulcers and the reduction of bad breath because of their detoxifying abilities. A good probiotic gum will also help with bad breath. So there you have it, all the great reasons to include probiotics in your daily regiment. If you need help choosing the right probiotic for your individual need(s) visit Health on Main and one our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to assist you in choosing the right probiotic strain(s) for your needs.